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Middle school 'Penny War' raises money to help fight childhood cancers

Glassford Hill Middle School teacher Cheryl Taylor gets pied and egged after her class lost the “Penny War” against Jackie Kemsley’s class. The money raised went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Photos courtesy Les Stukenberg

In its initial foray into the Penny Wars, the students at Glassford Hill Middle School in Prescott Valley raised more than $1,550 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The payoff for the students, in addition to class rewards, was seeing two of their teachers with whipped cream on their faces Monday afternoon.

Jackie Kemsler, who assists in Larry Nichols' ACE (Academic and Character Enlightenment) class, shoved a whipped cream pie into teacher Cheryl Taylor's face.

Kemsler represented the class with the highest points - 8,600, while Taylor's class had the lowest points - a negative 21,080 points. Despite the negative points, Taylor's class collected the most money for childhood cancer patients - $229.50.

Penny War is a spirited fundraiser used by schools to raise money for charity.

Seventh-grader Syrena Bergau thought the Penny War "was actually fun. It was a huge activity."

Bergau added that the event created a lot of competition between classes, and school officials should "definitely do it again next year."

Glassford Hill Middle School will end its fundraising efforts for childhood cancer with "Stuck for A Buck" Wednesday.

Students can purchase a piece of duct tape and tape staff members to a wall during the lunch periods. Clark noted that after this event, the total amount collected for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society should top $1,800.


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