D. Moran takes coaching job at Flagstaff Sinagua

"It's too bad that this is the way it had to happen," said the 25-year-old Moran. "But Coach Campos needed to spend time with his daughter and I'm sure everything will work out there."

Moran has been Campos' defensive coordinator at Sinagua the past two seasons.

Campos is considering returning to the sidelines next year. But one way or another, David Moran wants to pursue coaching as a career. In doing so, he becomes his family's third generation of prep coaches, following grandfather Ralph, who coached 30 years at Wickenburg and father Steve, who had plenty of success at Bradshaw Mountain.

"Last year there were times when I wanted to step on the field and play instead of coach," David Moran said.

"But I really like these kids and feel like I'm ready to get into coaching. Right now our goal is to go 3-0 the rest of the year."

Moran was a backup quarterback as a freshman at Oregon State during the 1996 season. But he made his name collegiately as an All-Conference safety at NAU in 1998, '99 and '00. His career ended abruptly due to injury in 2000.

"I think this is what he wants to do," said Steve Moran. "He's been thinking about it the last year or so and I think he's made up his mind."

The two talk regularly about football. Like all coaches, X's and O's do enter into the conversation. But Steve says that more than anything else he "stresses the mental part of the game" to his son.

"Most of the offense that we're running is the same type of that my dad did in his day," David said.

"I can learn a lot from him and from Coach Campos. I would eventually like to get into coaching at the college level. I feel like this is great experience for me."