Letter: Local business in for the long haul


My name is Jamie, and I am one of the owners of SMARTgirls Resale Fashions here in P.V.

SMARTgirls is getting ready to celebrate its first birthday and we would like to get the word out! This past year has been a journey like none I've lived through and I know my daughter and partner would say the same thing.

With all that said, in light of the current state of our nation and the economic concerns we would like to get the word out that we are here and we are doing great!

Does this toot our horn? YOU BETCHA, but it also gives hope to the people in our community that we (we meaning the businesses here in town) are NOT going to die off. We are going to make it and our city, and the quad cities are preparing NOW for when it turns around. We are going to be ready!

JoAnne and I are excited about what is to come. Now is the time to dig in and fight, not lay down and die!

Jamie Goeringer

SMARTgirls Resale Fashions

Prescott Valley