Letter: Successful society


The phrase, “You are not responsible for what you don’t know, but once you know, you are” and we now know; a successful democratic society is not just about Republicans and Democrats; it is about all of its people, a free press, fairness and willingness to compromise no matter what party affiliation.

I also know, President Trump is under investigation for possible Russian collusion and Obstruction of Justice! I know, he has fired FBI Director James Comey, the acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the Special Prosecutor Preet Bahara, and finally I know, there is a hopeful outside investigation by an independent prosecutor looking into all allegations of collusion, cover-ups and appearances of impropriety, both financial and political, of this sitting President, and will act, before our governments democratic process is compromised and destroyed.

I know, I have to believe in Einstein’s words, “Germany, Russia, fell into Anarchy and the U.S.A. has been compromised during the ‘McCarthy’ era and re-righted itself.” And he had confidence, “if it ever happened again, Democracy would right itself.”

Today, I know, survival depends on intact “Separation of Powers,” real time, fact-based information and knowing what lies beneath the alien, activists, bazaar behavior and meddling in our Democratic process. I hope I know, and believe, that there are enough men and women in the government agencies with fortitude, push-back abilities and loyalty to the American people to stand up, tell the truth and deny this President the privilege of the White House.

Tomi Richardson

Prescott Valley