Letter: Kelli Ward


I am responding to your editorial in the PV Tribune August 2, 2017, “Kelli Ward’s conduct is unbecoming of a U.S. Senator.” To be attacking an undeclared candidate for any office is not in the best interests of the readers of the Prescott Valley Tribune.

First, Sen. John McCain has damaged his past honors of his Navy Aviator and Naval Academy career by his long-term leaning to the Washington embedded bureaucrats and military industrial lobbyists. Without his father and grand father being Admirals, his career would have ended before it began.

Most Republicans in Arizona do not support Senator McCain. If it were not for millions from East Coast lobbyists, he would have lost in 2010. He spent $70 per vote in the general election. McCain is the poorest of all elected officials I have ever tried to communicate with; period. It was his money spent in our state has overwhelmed all opposition.

And for you to attack on a past challenger to McCain who is a medical doctor and past state senator for suggesting he should step down due to his brain cancer, is not acceptable. I suggest this essay may have been suggested or promoted by the McCain forces who seek to “buy” the re-election of Jeff Flake who has also disappointed most Republicans in Arizona.

Tom Steele

Prescott Valley