Letter: It is about the money


As a retired teacher of nearly 30 years — with a husband, father, grandfather and our two children who have been, or still are, teachers — I think I can speak to education issues.

My reaction is to several letters/rants in the Courier about money and education: “Does more money make a teacher better?” Seriously? Let me put it this way: I recently learned that Arizona has about 32,000 classrooms without certified teachers, instructors who know their subject and how to teach it to the students. Why? Because teachers in this state aren’t paid enough to live on, so they leave Arizona or go into another occupation.

In this world we pay for what’s important to us. Sports seem to be the biggie, and larger TVs, and fancy cell phones — the list goes on. But if we leave education behind, we will find our state, our country in the third world category. Without a good education, decent paying jobs are elusive, which is why companies have to hire from overseas, leaving so many Americans at the poverty level.

Whatever happened to our exceptionalism? We can’t have it without an exceptional education system for our children. And that, my friends, is something we have to pay for.

Susan Lanning

Prescott Valley