People & Places: Library departments collaborate for ‘adulting’ series

Offering workshops on skills translating to general life

Being an adult is hard, something the staff at the Prescott Valley Public Library know all too well.

To assist in easing the difficulties of adult life, the adult and teen departments of the library are teaming up to offer a new series of workshops on basic life skills. Called “Adulting 101,” based off a phrase commonly seen on social media, the series of workshops offer important skills to know, said Teen Librarian Shelbie Marks.

“I kind of wish somebody had taught me those skills before I just had to learn them,” Marks said. “Our hope is that we can help people before that comes up so they’re ready.”

The first workshop, Sewing 101, is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7 in the Glassford Hill Room. It’ll go into basic sewing skills, such as sewing buttons, Marks said.

After that, there’s a Do-It-Yourself Decorating on a Dime workshop in October and a community activism workshop in November to train people about the steps involved in helping out their community, said Adult Services Librarian Jennifer Kim.

The workshops are scheduled through the end of the year and there will be more in the spring, but those have yet to be scheduled, Marks said, noting that there’ll be a budgeting workshop next year. Kim also spoke of a basic car maintenance workshop and an outdoors hiking and camping skills workshop next year.

They’re all catered towards young adults and older teens, an audience that hasn’t historically been catered to, Kim said. However, that doesn’t mean the class is only open to that demographic, she said.

“We’ve had people who are older express interest as well,” Kim said. “Anyone is really welcome.”

The term “adulting” is a term used quite a bit online and on social media, Marks said, remarking she believes it gets the point across to what the programs entail. It’s not meant to be insulting in any way, she said.

“I think that phrase can kind of appeal a little more to people who would use it, which in reality, I think is the internet people,” Marks said. “I think calling it that also appeals to that age group.”

The programs are free and no registration is required. For more information, call Kim at 928-759-6188 or Marks at 928-759-3038.