Council uses $2M bond from bankruptcy for projects

Improvements to Event Center continue: paving parking lots, landscaping, new basketball floor

As part of the 2017 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan for the Prescott Valley Event Center, the Entertainment Center Community Facilities District received title of the property; and the board, made up of Town Council members, issued a $2 million bond for capital projects and acquisitions.

That $2 million has paid for the paving of the main parking lot on the west side of the building. The board met after the council study session April 5 to discuss more projects: the resurfacing of lot #2, asphalt sealing and restriping of lots #3 and #4, landscaping, and flooring for the NAZ Suns basketball court.

The board is looking at packaging the resurfacing of lot #2 with the town’s annual chip seal contract through its Highway User Revenue Fund, and will take action on this possible decision at the May 24 council meeting.

This lot has some drainage issues, Public Works Director Norm Davis said, and will be used short-term. The town will take up the chip seal that’s there, regrade the base, and put down new chip seal. Work will be done during the hot summer months.


Future of parking and grounds improvement at the Event Center. (Courtesy)

The town has already bid out the rehabilitation project on lots #3 and #4, and will look at a contract with Mohave Contracting also on May 24. These lots will be used long-term as permanent parking lots. All it needs is the top surface rehabilitated, Davis said, and should be completed by mid-August.

Sidewalk improvements, also one of the bond money projects, are projected to cost $125,000, with bidding and award to take place in July. About 35 areas need spot improvements due to deterioration, 25 of which will need the entire sidewalk panel redone.

The landscaping project currently is taking place with plans to install 41 trees, 20 shrubs and irrigation along Florentine and Glassford Hill roads. The contract went to K-Ler Land Works. Including labor, the project will cost $26,688.

Davis said the landscaping follows the palette that the town has for using five different species of trees, “urban cultivated varieties,” so if one species gets a bug or blight, it won’t kill all the trees. These trees can survive harsh environments that include car exhaust. They have an attractive canopy and grow only to about 15-20 feet.

“They have a nice ambiance to the area, but aren’t overpowering,” Davis said. When the trees grow large enough, the town will be able to light them for the holidays.

The drought-tolerant shrubs bloom in the spring and have good color in the fall, Davis said.

Town Manager Larry Tarkowski said purchasing the hardwood basketball floor from the NAZ Suns will bring expanded programing to the center and the town, such as Arizona Interscholastic Association tournaments, Harlem Globetrotters, and other community events.

“It will pay for itself over time,” Tarkowski said.

Included in the $259,400 project are the basketball standards and hoops, and repairs and improvements to the locker rooms. The flooring was installed by the NAZ Suns two years ago.