Letter: Teacher tenure


As in all professions there are exceptional performers, and some not so. However, in other professions, economics plays a factor in pay raises, promotions, etc. In the public school system, teachers enjoy a benefit not afforded our police or firefighters. It is called tenure. I want to get on the teachers’ bandwagon and would be more inclined to do so if they eliminated “tenure” and guaranteed funding regardless if the money exists to do so. I don’t know of any other professional position that receives this benefit.

I too, do not believe the teachers deserved the “finger” for their protests. I find it ironic that Ms. Williams found the gesture appalling. I believe that our police officers would find it an everyday occurrence.

Waving signs and shouting slogans does not seem to be a professional approach to solving a problem. I can’t imagine the public reaction if our police officers behaved in the same manner, yet they are the ones responsible for the safety of all these protesters! State, local and county law enforcement and fire districts can’t afford a base pay high enough to attract, or keep, qualified staff that lay their life on the line every day.

How about using another digit on your hand the next time you see a police officer and give them a thumbs up when you see them! There is no wage high enough to compensate a public servant who is willing to lose their life to preserve yours.

Kevin Nell

Prescott Valley