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Boy Scout wants to save lives for his Eagle project

PV youth to put the focus on human trafficking

Prescott Valley teen Ammon Montes listened when his Boy Scout troop had its occasional Scoutmaster’s Minute.

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Ask The Contractor: Sonic devices won’t always keep the pests away

We are having a huge massive problem with pests coming into our yard; javelina, deer, woodpeckers.

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Top teacher makes learning fun, but keeps it serious

Minarik motivates her students to think

Having been a teacher for nearly 15 years, Bradshaw Mountain High School English Teacher Sheryl Minarik said she got into teaching out of a love of school, reading, books, writing and being involved with kids.

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Cooking with Diane: Spring Fruit Salad

This colorful, fruit salad is perfect for those warm weather barbecues, and backyard get togethers. It’s refreshing and healthy.

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HUSD Student of the Week: Caleb

Early in the Coyote Springs Elementary School year Caleb McDonald responded to a morning announcement about the Student of the Week program by writing in his free journal that he wanted to be mentioned for being the Student of the Week and was going to do his best to be that kind of a student every week.

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Cooking with Diane: Bok Choy Noodle Soup

A nice lady I know told me about this delicious Bok Choy soup, and how healthy it is because Bok Choy is a cancer-fighting vegetable.

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People & Places: Passing on a love for reading

Bradshaw Mountain Middle School teacher earns top honor

Back when she was a student, Diane Hamilton said she had some really great teachers in middle school and high school that she points to as those who influenced her to become a teacher.

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Be very careful when mixing household chemicals

Before you settle into this week’s column, I want to thank Kay, a regular reader of our column who called me to talk about efflorescence.

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Chinese grocers were key in Arizona history

PV Library to offer presentation

As a graduate student at the University of Arizona, Li Yang said that in the summers, she would go to the Arizona Historical Society and check out their files on the Chinese people in Tucson.

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People & Places: Holocaust survivor tells student his story

Condemns bullying, supports valuing family

It was a privilege to be able to speak at Glassford Hill Middle School on Friday, March 3 as there are 11 million innocent civilians who would like to have been there, but couldn’t because they were killed in the holocaust, said survivor Stephen Nasser.

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After you plant, remember to add some mulch

We have spring training — we have spring fashion trends — we have spring hairstyles — we have spring academic calendars — we have spring color trends and most importantly we have spring itself starting Monday, March 20, 2017.

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Child of the week: Christopher

Christopher loves the gleaming black bicycle he got for Christmas, especially since sunny weather returned to Prescott Valley.

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Cooking with Diane: Creamy Lime Pie

This pie is an easy, delicious dessert to prepare quickly for unexpected company. It was a real hit at our house.

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HUSD Student of the Week: Avery

Avery is a wonderful student here at Granville Elementary School. She shows hard work and determination in everything that she does.

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Ask the Contractor: Beware: Some cleaning products don’t mix

We have all been faced with those tough cleaning jobs and I must admit that I have mixed and matched ingredients to remove stains.

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HUSD Student of the Week: Wyatt

Wyatt Naud is a 12-year-old sixth-grader at Humboldt Elementary who wanted to give children with cancer new hope and the treatment they need.

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Child of the Week: Alex

Alex likes to finish his second-grade classroom work so he can get to the “cool math games” on Education.com in the school computers.

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PV community rallies to encourage children to read

Mountain View participates in Read Across America Day

About nine years ago, Mountain View Elementary third-grade teacher Allison McElwee took over as the chairperson for Read Across America Committee and she said she’s made it a priority to try and get more community members involved in the annual Read Across America Day.

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Ask the Contractor: More sightings of efflorescence in Quad Cities

With all of the wet weather we have had, I have noticed that “white chalky” substance on many of the area’s masonry walls and on homes throughout neighborhoods.

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Cooking with Diane: Cabbage Burgers

Cabbage burgers are a popular midwestern dish brought over by German immigrants (my ancestors). They are very tasty, and are great with potato or pasta salads.

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Ask the Contractor: Everything you need to know about mulching

Spring Countdown: We have Spring Training — we have spring fashion trends — we have spring hairstyles — we have spring academic calendars — we have spring color trends and most importantly we have spring beginning Monday March 20, 2017.

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Cordes Lakes Community Center playground goes up

Many thanks to Steve Wisecarver of Micon Construction for the donation AND installation of the new playground equipment at the Community Center.

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Raptors visit Spring Valley

The Spring Valley Homeowners Association hosted the Chino Valley Raptors at their meeting Tuesday, Feb. 14.

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Cordes Lakes Community Center gets sweet

Taco Tuesday is usually a busy time at the Cordes Lakes Community Center, but when you add the sweetheart backdrop so Valentine’s Day pictures can be made, and a special Bingo game for the large box of chocolates, many sweethearts attend.

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Meals on Wheels Valentine’s Day Lunch

There is always a friendly group with lots of prizes and raffles at the Mayer Area Meals On Wheels luncheons, but for Valentine’s Day they try harder.