Column: Why my father shuns social media

You see, my father was born in 1933. He was a paperboy in the days when paperboys stood on city corners and shouted “Extra!”

One Man’s Rant: A glint in the sun

The following is a page from my new novel of the above title:

One Man’s Rant: I never wanted to pass gas

Of all the careers I might have chosen, I never felt the desire to become an anesthesiologist.

Column: Why Trump isn’t getting credit for the economy

When the national economy is on a roll, history tells us, the American people are happy, content, upbeat and readily credit whoever the President is at the time for creating an environment in which growth, opportunity and job security can thrive.

One Man’s Rant: Dear God, give me strength

An early winter’s prayer: Dear God, I know you have a lot on your plate, but when you have the time, I ask for your protection.

Column: Did the Pentagon act alone in employing UFO hunters?

When I was in sixth grade, my impassioned 4-H speech about the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors didn’t even merit an Honorable Mention (my fifth-grade speech about our thumb-sucking cat had taken me all the way to the county level!); so I can empathize with those military intelligence officials who are being ridiculed for the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program.

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Column: The basics of journalism

We received a lot of feedback to some recent columns I’ve written, though many readers mistakenly called them editorials.

One Man's Rant: I think it’s time for a nap

I recently went into the hospital for a medical procedure.

One Man's Rant: A danger of domestic life

You’ve got ’em. So do I. Bad habits. For the sake of clarification, I’m not talking about a nun’s outfit that needs to be laundered or dry cleaned!

Column: Steinle case solves nothing

Too often in America we are reactive rather than proactive in addressing the nation’s problems. With each bit of breaking news it seems that calm, considered debate is replaced by a flood of tweets and a wave of emotions.

Column: Still paying for Christmas 2016? Atta boy, Clarence!

It’s beginning to look a lot like debt collectors, everywhere you go ...

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Column: I don’t want to live life by the numbers

There are three reasons to be cautious in reading One Man’s Rant columns. One red flag is that every column includes at least one fact. The second red flag is that everything else is made up. I can’t remember what the third red flag is so from here, you’re on your own.

One Man's Rant: A danger of domestic life

Challenge isn’t new to the American male.

Column: Viewpoint is a success story

Response to Sue Tone’s article of Nov. 8, “Viewpoint subdivision looking to build to northern boundary,” Viewpoint North is not rezoning land!

One Man's Rant: The real meaning of eternity

Evidently, my life isn’t full enough. Worrying about paying the monthly rent and having enough popcorn on hand in case of an emergency should be enough to focus my waning mental abilities.