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One man's rant: Fisticuffs and films, the ties that bind

This column accomplishes a publishing feat never before attempted in this part of the country. I’m going to introduce two high-profile personalities in the entertainment world to you, then I’ll tell you how they were connected even though they never met.

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Column: Being overweight – The fight of my life

'Raising Prescott'

Let’s be honest, being overweight is no one’s fault but my own.

Column: This is a taxing time of year

April 9 is Tax Freedom Day this year. That means that on April 9, the nation will have drained enough dimes and dollars out of our pockets to pay its own tax bill for the year.

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One Man's Rant: I have a maxim of my own

My wife and I recently talked about the things we did in our earlier lives long before we met 12 years ago.

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Column: Clean air, water should not be partisan issues

After arriving in Beijing in December 2013, my friend Peng gave me a “welcome to China” package to help me during my two-week vacation.

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One man's rant: Looking for a new hobby

I’ve never been one to collect things just for the hell of it, but maybe I should start.

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One man's rant: Ben would be proud

In 1731, Benjamin Franklin and a few of his friends founded a book club called the Junto.

Talk of the Town: Preserve our wolves, planet

Some people want to destroy or weaken the jewel of our environmental laws — the Endangered Species Act.

Column: Joe, Charles and me in the 1950s

I was a skinny kid at the age of 11. And 12. And 13. And 14.

Column: One man’s rant - Shoe is on the other foot

Just a little more than eight years ago, Barack Obama became the 44th president of our country.

Column: Why waste our tax dollars on $13 million road?

Decide by March 9 where should our tax dollars be spent.

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Column: One Man's Rant - Love the game, not the halftime

This is another one of those columns in which an old guy laments that at least part of the past … is past.

Column: Rookies running loose in the White House

Major League Baseball has an annual training season in Florida.

Editorial cartoons are on the endangered list

Newspaper editorial cartoons are disappearing when they are most needed.

One man's rant: These ARE your grandfather's movers

I hear of a new moving company in the area called Mature Movers.