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Column: Jail tax vote and those pesky bot calls, scams

I have seen the jail votes come and go over the years, but assumptions still remain.

One Man's Rant: And now for a moment of violence – figure skating

My wife and I recently watched an endless sequence of Winter Olympics figure skating events. There were team events, single events, short programs, long programs and special events ...

One Man’s Rant: My first time was much different

The first time I fell in love I was 17. She was 16. We attended the same high school and worked part time at the same grocery store.

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Guest column: Perceived biases, attacks erode trust in the press

Awarding a grade to a concept like press freedom might seem like an impossible task, but here at the First Amendment Center we give it our best shot.

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Column: Cell phones in school, online testing miss mark

Two news items in the past week really make me wonder what officials are thinking.

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One Man's Rant: Breakfast with Santa, an annual success for local children

I’m writing about Santa Claus today because I don’t think what he stands for should be limited to the month of December.

Column: MVD wants competent drivers too

Anytime change occurs, there will be skepticism.

Column: Landmark performance makes Palo Verde a treasure for all Arizonans

When you think of the most remarkable landmarks that contribute to the beauty of our state, places like the Prescott National Forest, Grand Canyon, Camelback Mountain, the Dells and Red Rocks of Sedona are likely on the list.

One Man's Rant: Friendship is meant for today

I remember a plaque on my grandfather’s wall that stated, “We get too fast old and too late smart.”

One Man's Rant: In pursuit of the trivial

Went to the dentist not long ago. While I was sitting in “the chair,” I noticed that the television in the room was tuned to the Music Choice cable channel.

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Wiederaenders Column: Stun guns on campus are a start

With great regret America witnessed another senseless act of killing this past week.

One Man’s Rant: A lesson in face scraping

I had a great Christmas in 2017!

Flowers Column: It’s madness to surrender in the War on Drugs

I recently read a commentary by someone who urged us to stop using the word “addict,” because it somehow stigmatizes drug users.

Column: More Evangelicals selling their soul to support a loser

It’s sad to say another Christian group has decided to maintain access to DC power rather than tell the truth regarding the shortcomings of a prominent politician.

One Man’s Rant: My doorbell will ring soon

I couldn’t stand it anymore. For years I’ve watched TV ads for Publisher’s Clearing House, showing people jumping up and down on their porches at the news that they had won from $1,000 to $5,000 a week for the rest of their lives.