One Man's Rant: I’m prepared to make a major announcement

I’ve always been concerned about making rash decisions.

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Column: Dying over diesel comes down to what?

Like everyone else, I too have been shrouded in a cloud of exhaust from a diesel vehicle as one takes off in front of me from a stop.

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One Man's Rant: Don’t hand me that wrench, please

I’m amazed by the number of gear heads and classic vehicles in and around Chino Valley.

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Talk of the Town: PV Police to host town hall about false alarms

In a recent editorial, the alarm industry tried to frighten a small segment of the public by stating that the Prescott Valley Police want you to respond to your own burglar alarm. We don’t. ...

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One man's rant: Stop wasting your life

I just watched a YouTube video of Admiral William H. McRaven talking about life-lessons learned in the military.

Column: Pelosi stepping down would be a huge loss... for the GOP

Should conservatives shut up about Nancy Pelosi or keep her in their public spotlight?

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One Man's Rant: Take me out to the old ball game

As many Americans were anticipating the Civil War, a game called rounders was invented.

One Man’s Rant: A movie recommendation … or not

Every once in a while, my wife and I feel the need to watch a really, really bad movie.

Column: Comey leaves us spinning

In this Golden Age of Spin, it’s difficult to assess what actually happened Thursday on Capitol Hill.

One Man’s Rant: A gift from a stranger

I’d never heard of a 2000 Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt movie entitled “Pay it Forward,” until recently.

Column: Trump needs some competent help, and quick

Has anyone out there written the book “The Art of the Presidency”? If so, please send Donald Trump a copy. Overnight.

One Man’s Rant: The end shouldn’t be a lonely place

As is true with most folks my age, I’ve traveled to a lot of places over the years and have met a lot of people.

Column: Democrats have an obscene new mantra

Has anyone noticed the moral and organizational collapse of the Democratic Party?

Column: For some, immigration is second chance at life

She was a virgin when he raped her, impregnated her, and then beat her.

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Column: A lack of willpower haunts my increasing need to change

'Raising Prescott'

It’s been six weeks since I used this column as a platform to admit my continuing battle with weight issues and the daily struggles I experience trying to fix it before it’s too late.