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Haddad: One person to stand up and say, ‘Hey, leave him alone’

One of the greatest pains my heart has ever known is to see a child who has lost all hope. In desperate moments, when they feel utterly alone and worthless, some choose to end life.

Williams: Meet Chino Valley’s traveling man

Most of us are cut from normal bolts of cloth, but once in a while, I run across someone who is constructed from a special kind of fabric.

One Man's Rant: What is the Veteran’s Heritage Project?

In October of 2015, Chino Valley High School students took advantage of a rare opportunity.

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Bergner: Unplugging for a week isn’t as easy as it looks

Column: Raising Prescott

In my line of work, it’s hard to get away from everything for a few days, much less a week.

One Man's Rant: History lives in a Chino Valley man

In 1961, a history teacher at Skull Valley School, by the name of Mina Munderloh, with the help of a second teacher, instructed six elementary grades in one classroom.

Reagan: Presidential morals

The “Trump Haters” in Washington are desperate.

One Man's Rant: TV times in Northern Indiana

One day in 1949 or 1950, I discovered a strange piece of furniture in our living room in Indianapolis, Indiana, where we lived at the time.

One Man’s Rant: Let’s knock down a few pins

I lived in Columbus, Ohio, up to the age of 19.

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One Man's Rant: Morning Lions Club

The Chino Valley Morning Lions Club is proud to announce that it has been another outstanding year in the service of local nonprofit organizations and residents who qualify for sight and hearing assistance.

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Bergner: Teachers working a second job is common, unfortunately

Column: Raising Prescott

On Page 3A in today’s Courier, we published a story about teachers struggling with second jobs due to their financial circumstances.

One Man's Rant: ‘Rant’ column goes national?

All this time I thought my One Man’s Rant column was appearing in a couple of “local, small-town” weekly newspapers, the Chino Valley Review and the Prescott Valley Tribune.

Reagan: To opioid hell and back

I’m feeling human again, thanks.

Williams: I’m going to revolutionize the cable industry

I’ve had it with the current crop of cable TV shows!

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Wiederaenders: Follow the yellow brick road to fun in Prescott Valley

When we put together each week’s Prescott Valley Tribune, I get an overall feeling from it: joyful and hard at work.

Williams: I’ve found my competitive niche

At last! I can now announce with great confidence that I have found the Olympic event in which I can excel — the Men’s Skeleton Competition.