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Editorial: NFL scores with new anthem protest policy

The National Football League has put its proverbial foot down when it comes to National Anthem protests.

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Editorial: School safety comes with a cost

Prescott and Humboldt school district officials are not waiting for lightning to strike here, in the wake of deadly shootings on school campuses across the country.

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Editorial: Sign up for CodeRED and Nixle alerts for a safer fire season

On Friday many of us watched in anguish as multiple wildfires ignited near the Viewpoint subdivision in Prescott Valley.

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Editorial: ‘Election season’ is upon us; take care with comments

“Election season is here,” someone commented to The Daily Courier this past week.

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Editorial: Roadside memorials serve purpose for a time

The issue of roadside memorials seems to never go away.

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Editorial: The smallest victims among us need help too

To the common citizen, opioid abuse exists only among drug abusers; however, among us are people who “maintain” on painkillers that are opioids.

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Editorial: Service dog legislation needed, but onerous

Service dogs seem to be fairly common nowadays. Question: Is that dog you see “really” a service dog?

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Editorial: Don’t let politics ruin friendships

“A house divided against itself cannot stand… I do not expect the house to fall …” – Abraham Lincoln

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Editorial: Help police stop threats, before they become problem

In last week’s editorial we wrote that “it is a bad mix: when people drive a vehicle while drunk or high on drugs.” Of course. Adding to that, however, was the poignant conclusion — “If you see something, say something”

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Editorial: If you see something, say something

It is a bad mix: when people drive a vehicle while drunk or high on drugs.

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Editorial: A tax by any other name still is a tax

Poll: How would you prefer to fund necessary road improvements or the Highway Patrol?

If it looks like a duck, feels like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it might be a duck.

Editorial: Congressman Gosar should stop the grandstanding

Paul Gosar was elected to represent the people of this district as our representative in Washington, D.C. His words and actions reflect on all of us.

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Editorial: Arizona owes Hotshots’ portion of state pension

Thankfully, tragedies do not happen every day.

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Editorial: Federal shutdown is politics at its worst

The headline said it all: “Government shutdown begins and so does the finger-pointing.”

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Editorial: Pushing education hot-button during election season?

It is becoming clear that election season has begun in Arizona. One needs to look only at the actions of those with the most to gain or lose.