Letter: Protecting Access to Care Act

The very name of this bill – Access to Care Act – obfuscates its true intent.

Letter: Royal treatment

On June 28, my cat, Lara, and I had to evacuate, from the Prescott Country Club in Dewey, because of the Goodwin Fire.

Letter: Senators

I believe Kelli Ward said what needed to be said about Sen. John McCain. Republican voters in Yavapai County educate themselves to elect candidates of their choice.

Letter: Kelli Ward

I am responding to your editorial in the PV Tribune August 2, 2017, “Kelli Ward’s conduct is unbecoming of a U.S. Senator.”

Letter: Sales taxes

A number of misconceptions exist regarding Prescott’s Proposition 443.

Letter: Successful society

The phrase, “You are not responsible for what you don’t know, but once you know, you are” and we now know; a successful democratic society is not just about Republicans and Democrats; it is about all of its people, a free press, fairness and willingness to compromise no matter what party affiliation.

Letter: Loved the show

I would like to congratulate the town of Prescott Valley for having such a beautiful fireworks display.

Letter: Horseshoe tournament

On July 1, the Gary Streeter American Legion Post 108 in Prescott Valley hosted the Jerry Germain Memorial Horseshoe Tournament at the Central Arizona Horseshoe Club pits located at the American Legion Park in Prescott Valley.

Letter: Serious trends

I think that everyone who watches our government has seen the goings-on in the two East Coast power centers of New York and Washington, taking a distressing turn.

Letter: Parents aren’t enough

Ken Sain’s column urges that parents should be the proper authority to determine how their children utilize smart phones.

Letter: Common sense

Your community editor’s 6/15/17 article “Common Sense Has Left the Country” was concerned and caring, yet the “Common Sense” seemed a bit misplaced.

Letter: Monopolies

We have many problems in our country today – education, climate, racism (which IS real), and the list goes on.

Letter: Philosophy of taxes

Response to Bill Feyerabend letter of April 19. Only in philosophy can money collected as taxes produce “new” tax money.

Letter: Book sale

The Friends of the Prescott Valley Public Library sponsored their first book sale of 2017 at the Library on March18th.

Letter: Keeping citizens out

With Governor Doug Ducey having signed legislation (HB2404) adopted by “our” Republican-controlled legislature to make it nearly impossible to bring initiatives to the ballot, I would encourage voters to join the efforts to repeal HB2404.