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Letter: Gosar got it right

One of the promises made to us by the incoming politicians was that Obamacare was going to get replaced by something more in the interests of the people. Instead, what Congress sent to Trump was a watered-down substitute that would have made the insurance markets worse.

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Letter: Immigration crimes, logic

The Daily Courier article, “Immigration status will be ignored, local police say,” (April 2) is absolutely mind-boggling!

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Letter: Taxes have value

Jay Hingst, in his letter published on April 12, made the point that any dollar taken out in taxes for things like the stature is a dollar that cannot produce new tax revenue.

Letter: $90,000 statue and taxes

In Jason Wheeler’s article in the April 5th Prescott Valley Tribune discourse on the fate of the $90,000 statue in Prescott Valley he makes the comment that the proposal was a victim of poor timing.

Letter: ACA costs, benefits

News Editor Ken Sain tells us a CNN Poll in January found 49 percent of Americans approved of Obamacare.

Letter: Good medical care

This letter is written in praise of the outstanding medical care my husband received while a patient at Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott.

Letter: Thanks, Daily Courier

It’s my pleasure to thank the Daily Courier for serving the public interest for so many years.

Letter: Veterans benefits

My firm belief as a veteran is that the senators and representatives should pass a new Veteran’s Benefit Law — if a veteran is 100 percent service connected, they should be able to get cosmetic dentistry— G4 Implants, to prevent future health care issues.

Letter: Flake votes

Senator Jeff Flake in recent weeks has voted yea on two bills that beg the question “Just who is he representing?”

Letter: School funding

School funding seems to appear in the paper on a regular basis.

Letter: Republicans

It’s not just Trump, it’s the Republicans.

Letter: Gun control?

The March 17 “Giffords” article is a good example of politicians selling unpopular ideas by appealing to sympathetic figures rather than what is right.

Letter: Hello plutocracy

This response is for those haughty zealot Trump followers including, Buz Williams and Rich McMillan, who continue to agree with Trump’s outrageous factoids and defensive bullying of virtually anyone who disagrees with him!

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Letter: Education costs

As a retired teacher of nearly 30 years — with a husband, father, grandfather and our two children who have been, or still are, teachers — I think I can speak about education issues.

Letter: Roll out?

Finally, the long awaited roll out of the new health care law.