Letter: Gun debate

As displayed by the “March For Our Lives” on Saturday, March 24, the debate on guns has been gaining traction in our country.

Letter: Drugs and immigrants

I do not know why everybody ignores the 500-pound gorilla regarding drugs and immigrants.

Letter: More fire-power is not winning

More firepower did not win the Korean War, or in Vietnam, nor our wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Letter: Thank you for helping

We want to thank all of the sponsors who so generously supported our annual spaghetti dinner on Feb. 24 that sponsors high school girls to attend “Girl’s State” in Tucson for a week.

Letter: Love all cats

As a volunteer at a cat shelter and a cat lover, I am seeing a number of people interested in adopting “kittens.”

Letter: Buying a gun

Headline 2-28: 21 to buy a gun?

Letter: Cheap and easy?

This newspaper recently had a news article about a hearing by Arizona Department of Transportation about Highway 89A and how increased growth in the Prescott and Prescott Valley communities was impacting traffic.

Letter: Security, like for judges

It is a fact that in almost places across America, a legal armed citizen cannot enter a courthouse with a firearm.

Tease photo

Letter: Walmart model

Imagine going to work one day and finding out that your company is closing 10 percent of its stores and one of them is yours.

Letter: Gosar on solid ground

I was personally offended by the editorial appearing Feb. 7 in the Tribune, “Congressman Gosar should stop the grandstanding.” Dr. Paul Gosar is a constitution carrying, patriot.

Letter: Political division ended what was a blossoming friendship

I met some people a while back, and over cocktails we became friends. We had a great deal in common and enjoyed many of the same things. We liked them and they seemed to like us. We went to lunch together that day and even made plans to attend some local events together.

Letter: More for Congress to do

Congress passed its tax bill to put more money into our pockets.

Letter: Happy New Year

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

Letter: Keep on building

We live and work in the silhouettes and outlines of Yavapai County size skyscrapers known as multi-story buildings, we travel through streets lined with homes and local businesses and buildings under construction.

Letter: Water rates

As a taxpayer in the Town of Prescott Valley, I am somewhat alarmed that our town is considering raising water rates within a very short time frame.