Letter: Charitable organizations

The citizens of Yavapai County are generous by nature and that is a very good thing.

Letter: Thank you, Dewey-Humboldt

Thank you D-H Town Council for supporting the first conservation easement on the Agua Fria River.

Letter: Garbage

As a newcomer to Arizona but a lifelong resident of the outdoors, I came upon a new low in littering recently at Goldwater Lake.

Letter: Property taxes

Tuesday, May 8, I witnessed a travesty.

Letter: Thank you firefighters!

A heartfelt THANK YOU from all the residents of the Park Ridge at Viewpoint community.

Letter: Our heroes

To our firefighters. How can I even begin to thank you for how you saved our communities that were threatened by the fire May 11?

Letter: Teacher tenure

As in all professions there are exceptional performers, and some not so.

Letter: Manage money

I’ve noticed for years that the administrators, deans, chancellors, those in high positions have no problem with getting raises.

Letter: Find a better way

This is in response to a letter from John O. Gieske. He states that it is time for the trucking industry to pay their share for the road damage by increasing the price of diesel fuel. He better go back and rethink this.

Letter: Well-run facility

I had Compartment Syndrome Surgery in my left thigh on Dec. 22nd and Dec. 24, 2017.

Letter: Gun debate

As displayed by the “March For Our Lives” on Saturday, March 24, the debate on guns has been gaining traction in our country.

Letter: Drugs and immigrants

I do not know why everybody ignores the 500-pound gorilla regarding drugs and immigrants.

Letter: More fire-power is not winning

More firepower did not win the Korean War, or in Vietnam, nor our wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Letter: Thank you for helping

We want to thank all of the sponsors who so generously supported our annual spaghetti dinner on Feb. 24 that sponsors high school girls to attend “Girl’s State” in Tucson for a week.

Letter: Love all cats

As a volunteer at a cat shelter and a cat lover, I am seeing a number of people interested in adopting “kittens.”